MAST is also in the forefront of encouraging creativity and innovation that are the core principles of technological advancement. With the right backing from the movement and non-profits, it is possible to come up with inventions that are unique to the African continent and aim at facilitating development.

Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho’s Take on Mauritius

One person that believes in the potential that Mauritius has in science and technology is Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho. He says it is all a matter of taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to capitalise on the capabilities of the region to become a science and technology nucleus in Africa. Dr. Sobrinho is renowned for his philanthropy but more importantly, for his championing of science and technology in Africa

According to Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho, Africa is not investing enough in science and technology, and that is one of its biggest problems. It’s about time that more money is set aside for higher learning institutions of science and technology. If schools are well equipped to provide the necessary knowledge, then they will offer society with graduates that are ready to fill the science and tech needs. Dr. Sobrinhois leading by example through the creation of a scholarship fund that will help with higher education in science.