Africa is in the catch-up game when it comes to science and technology, and it is pulling all the stops to close the gap. Mauritius is one African country with a significant potential in science and technology. The Mauritius Academy of Science and Technology is one non-governmental organisation that is promoting understanding of science and technology in the country.

The Academy was merely a concept in 2006 when a group of technologists and scientists met at the Mauritius Research Council. It got its registration in July 2007. Through providing education in science and tech, the country is popularising the sector among young minds.

What MAST Means for Mauritius

The creation of learned society has always been a way to shift the whole dynamic of science and technology. Even with traditional institutions of higher learning, organisations like MAST fill an entirely different void. A learned society is about bringing together like-minded professionals who work with one another to achieve certain objectives.

Distributing Scientific Knowledge

Through various partnerships, both local and foreign, the organisation is working to spread scientific and technological knowledge that will benefit the growth of the economy. It is one place where scientific minds of Mauritius, both in and out can meet to address issues that are important in structuring the technological and scientific advancement of the country. The promotion of scholarly excellence is one goal that a learned society should always have.

Dissemination of information facilitates the enhancement of science and technology. Another objective that MAST has is to ensure that the right knowledge gets to the people that need to have it. It not enough to only analyse the technological deficiencies that Mauritius has. Aspiring scientists and technologists must have that information and use it. Institutions of higher learning can also benefit from such information by tailoring curricula that is relevant to the industry. Providing the right training can help the country come up with professional that are suited to tackle the various scientific issues.