It is worth checking our newsletter or website for updates on our latest events. Also please check the website or newsletter for the latest information on evening meetings which are facilitated by guest speakers ranging from medical practitioners, alternative therapists or the legal profession in relation to information on disability allowance.

Any suggestions for a topic for evening meetings are warmly welcomed.

Recent Projects

Science Consortium is made up of a number of different groups of professionals, enthusiasts and scientists, in each of these groups there will be various individual projects as well as collaborations.

We have recently teamed up with one of the largest suppliers of scientific equipment in the UK who provides us with specialist equipment including vacuum viewports, cathode ray tube envelopes and multi pin pinches. Read more information on the scientific equipment we use in our projects.

If you have any ideas on other alternative treatments, please contact the office to let us know

  • Annual garden party
  • Annual quiz
  • Bring and Buy sales
  • Well-being days where members can enjoy alternative treatments at a discounted rate.
  • Craft sales