In today’s terms, it is called social inclusion. It is done best when undertaken with flair, and then it is called social enterprise. Is it about equal opportunities? Yes!

But now we celebrate equality and diversity, celebrating the strengths of diverse cultures, yet creating air charter opportunities for choice for us all. By all, we particularly mean those who experience disadvantage – children, young people (especially those involved through the criminal justice system), disabled people, people from Science industry minority ethnic groups, people experiencing poverty, those living in remote rural areas disadvantaged by poor transport and older people.

Our Long-Term Goal

To be a recognised centre of excellence for research and project management which supports voluntary and public sector groups and research partners to assist disabled and disadvantaged people.

Our Values

  • To provide consultancy services which are ethically driven and to support contracts which are designed to affect policy at local, regional, national or international level
  • To attract, develop and retain small numbers of high quality staff and to develop them in line with their own skills, talents and personal goals
  • To continuously improve our services
  • To strive for customer service solar panel installers excellence and also provide services which represent good value for money
  • To support and promote the Disability Symbol and all that it stands for
  • To promote equality of opportunity and support the Equality Opportunities Quality Framework
  • To operate with integrity in relation to all our clients and customers