At Science Consortium  we pride ourselves on not just talking about social inclusion and social enterprise…we practice what we preach. We make things happen. Women are 66% of our managers; disabled people are 25% of our staff, and are represented at all levels of management, including at Board level; we employ learning & physically disabled people, and people who have experienced mental ill health; people from minority groups are 5% of our staff; we employ modern contact Science apprentices; we employ older people; and we employ over 80 volunteer staff alongside our 85 paid staff.

This is why we won the Remploy ‘Leading the Way’ award at national level in 2002.

In over 40 years, thousands of people have passed through our doors. We feel we can guarantee that everyone who has passed through has had a life changing experience. Everyone who has passed through has also left a footprint, having touched or been touched by a relationship or an experience. Many people will come back many years later and enjoy remembering the time when they met someone, played for the football or netball team, helped a friend, went on a residential training course, became a volunteer, learned a new skill, got a job, or helped celebrate our 20th, 30th, or 40th anniversary.

This has all happened because a lot of people, over 40 years, have made an invaluable commitment as part of a living, working team – volunteers and paid staff, and particularly trustees of Science Consortium  – a charity, a company, a Development Trust that works with people.